View wide range of birds and animal species in this vacation

Kidepo National Park was mainly situated in the northeast of Uganda which offers strong wilderness atmospheres with huge range of birds and animals, also beautiful view of rugged mountains. Mt Murungole lies in the southeastern border of the park which was the Kidepo’s highest peak with the altitudes that ranges between 914m and 2,750m above sea. This mountain offers inactive vegetation that is open or lightly wooded savannah, thick miombo woodlands, rocky koppies, borassus palms, and also riparian woodland mixed with patches of montane forests.

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Over six months the park receives severe dry period and low rains during March and April. Because of low rains the Narus valley quickly dry off at this time the animals unite here till he rains come back. Although this park is always full of tourists as it is a home to unique fauna and flora that you cannot found in any park in Uganda. Kanangarok is one of the famous places in this park which offers Hot springs.


About the wildlife:

This park offers above over 86 Mammal species and 450 bird species of which the 28 species of those are of rare species which were not found anywhere in Uganda. The most common animal found in this park are bat eared fox, cheetahs, striped hyenas, Patas monkey, African hunting dogs, mongoose, leopards, genets, lions, caracal and aardwolf mustelids. The park also offers 7 types of antelopes such as roan antelope, Biera Oryx, Guenther’s dik-dik, Kudu, mountain reedbuck, Bohor reedbuck, Defassa waterbucks, klipspringer and also Jackson’s hartebeest. This park was also becomes a natural habitat for Burchell’s zebra, giraffes, warthogs and buffaloes. Many more wonders are there in the park which tourists can enjoy in their trip.


Birds found:

Above 450 species of birds were found in this park which includes some of the rare species which were not found in other parts of Uganda. Some of them are Karamoja Apalis and Black breasted Barbet. Narus Valley which is the park headquarters is the best place to view the birds. Some of the species which are found in this park are Mosque swallow, African Mustached, Yellow-rumped seedeater, attractive Silver bird, Vinaceous Dove, Scarlet-chested sunbird, Broad-tailed Warblers, Crimson-rumped Waxbill, Brown parrot and the Nubian woodpecker.


View the wildlife close to you this vacation and in this matter Kidepo national park will offer you the best trip which you can remember for life time.